Meet the Beaver Team for 30th Warrington Scout Group!

Edward Moran
Assistant Section Leader

I have been in 30th Warrington West scouts since Beavers and worked my way through the different sections. When in Explorers I undertook doing my Duke of Edinburgh awards and I decided to do my volunteering with the 30th Beaver colony. I enjoyed being a young leader so much that I carried on being one well past the time I needed to complete the volunteering section. During 2018-2022 I went to university so I could not attend, but the group kept in touch to keep me connected. Since finishing university, and being back in Warrington, I’ve resumed the role of being a Beaver leader once again.

My love of scouting, the friendships made, and the life skills are main reasons for me being a leader as I want these wonderful experiences that happened to me to also happen to others.

Sam O'Toole
Section Assistant

In 2021 I decided to volunteer with the Beavers as a Section Assistant after my eldest son Aidan started attending. 

As a family, we love being outdoors, whether it’s going camping, cycling or going on woodland adventures. 

Ever since my son started, I’ve seen there is a real community feel with 30th Warrington West and I enjoy being involved in encouraging the children to learn and develop in helping with community activities. 

I am passionate about helping children grow and overcome any challenges, confidently.

David Rath
Assistant Section Leader

My children have recently become involved with scouting which was the perfect opportunity for me to step back into scouting too. Having a 17 years break from the Scout movement after going through Beavers and on to Scouts I missed the involvement, and the experiences it opened up. Warrington 30th is my local group and I heard great things about the leadership team, so I stepped into the role of being a parent helper to spend extra time/fun time with my son. However the group had positions available for leadership and I was more than happy to commit my time to it and look forward to the adventures ahead.

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