Are you on Facebook or Twitter?

We have an active Facebook group

We accept membership requests from current Scouts and the parents of Squirrels/Beavers/Cubs/Scouts. If we don’t recognise the name on the request we may ask some security questions before accepting.

Note: Leaders will never accept friendship requests from Scouts on their personal Facebook accounts.

We do not currently have an active Twitter profile.

At what age can my child start?

Squirrels start from age 4 and move up to Beavers around age 6.
Beavers start around age 6 and move up to Cubs around age 8.
Cubs start around age 8 and move up to Scouts at about age 10½.
Scouts start around age 10½ and stay until about age 14.

The actual age of moving up is at the leaders discretion as they usually aim to move children up with their friends.

Children can join scouting at any point. There is no requirement to have been a Squirrel, Beaver or Cub previously.

Do leaders get paid?

Being a leader is not a paid role, in fact almost everyone in Scouting is a volunteer. There’s a few who are paid at the head office, and they run the organisation as a whole.

How does being sponsored by the Methodist Church affect the group?

It’s all positive! We’re provided with a fully maintained roof over our heads which means we can put all of our money into delivering activities.

There’s no catches and the group is open to all faiths and denominations.

How does my child join?

If your child is ready to join our group, please click the link below which will take you to a system where you can register your details with us. This will put you on our waiting list and our Membership Secretary will contact you to let you know when your child can join us.

Click here to join our group

What about camps? How much do they cost and are the children expected to go?

The children are not expected to go on camps, although we do find that for most children this is the highlight of the scouting calendar and they love to go. You can pick and choose which camps you attend – it is entirely up to you and your child.

Costs can vary depending on a number of factors, but a typical cost for a 2 night overnight camp locally is £30.

What about subs? How much does it cost and what is it used for?

Subscriptions are £11 per month – £132 a year.
Your child can attend for free for several weeks to decide if scouting is for them. Once you and the section leader decide your child is ready to be invested, you should set up a standing order for the 7th of each month. When the first standing order has been received your child will be invested into the group.

Your subscriptions contribute to 5 main components of cost:

  • Headquarters Membership fee of around £50 per child per annum. This provides us with insurance, resources and information for our leaders and also contributes to the costs of national campsites and activity centres.
  • Section running costs to purchase consumables or fund section activities or events (for example the food for cooking evenings or visits).
  • To purchase badges gained by our members.
  • To purchase a group necker for each of our members.
  • To purchase and upgrade our equipment as necessary.
  • Leader training and specialist skills. For example First Aid, Child Protection, archery & shooting instructors etc.

Here at the 30th Warrington we are in the fortunate position that we are kindly sponsored by the Penketh Methodist Church, so we have no premises running costs which means that a larger proportion of your subscriptions can be used directly for the good of our members.

What day and time does it run on?

Squirrels runs on Friday evening between 5.30pm and 6.30pm.

Beavers runs on Friday evening between 6pm and 7pm.

Cubs runs on Wednesday evening between 6.45pm and 8.15pm.

Scouts runs on Friday evening between 7.30pm and 9.30pm.

Meetings are term time only.

What if money is a problem?

Scouting is a very cost effective way to experience outdoor adventurous activities. One key principle is that Scouting is an open and inclusive organisation for everyone regardless of their social, religious or economic background. In cases of genuine financial hardship, speak to your section leader or our Group Lead Volunteer who will listen to your circumstances.

What is Online Scout Manager (OSM)?

OSM is our admin system. It hold member details, sends invitations, reminders and tracks attendance. For this to work parents maintain their children’s details and set permissions for activities. It’s vital for the medical, allergy, SEN and dietary details to be maintained in here. This record travels throughout the sections. The system is covered by GDPR and our system users are GDPR trained.

When does my child move to the next section?

Normally at the top end of the age for their current section. Discuss this with their current leader as there will be other factors to consider personal readiness, completion of Chief Scouts Award criteria, friendship groups. Once agreed, the member attends both the current and new sections for a period of around four weeks. This is known as linking and is proven to be the most successful way to take the step up. At the end of linking, there’s a moving-up ceremony in the current section and an investiture in the new section.

When should my child get their uniform?

Any prospective Squirrel/Beaver/Cub/Scout should attend for 4 to 6 weeks before making the decision to join. Whenever your child is happy to commit, speak to the leader and then buy the uniform.

Where do I get the uniform from?

Uniform can be purchased online at

If you have difficulty getting the item, speak to you section leader.

Where do I put the badges on the uniform?

For Squirrels see Squirrel uniform

For Beavers see Beaver uniform

For Cubs see Cub uniform

For Scouts see Scout uniform

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